Structural Engineering and Design

Structural engineering and design is a major component for most of our multi-disciplined projects. This work most often involves the following deliverables:

  • Structural specifications,

  • Structural steel pipeways and pipe bridges,

  • Structural steel access and equipment support structures,

  • Matt, spread, and deep (e.g., pile supported) reinforced concrete foundations,

  • Vibrating equipment foundations,

  • Buildings, enclosures and equipment shelters,

  • Block, chain link, industrial and other fencing and gates,

  • Retaining walls, and

  • Pipe and equipment supports

EDM Services not only provides high quality structural engineering services, but is a recognized expert in this field. Our firm is very knowledgeable of the California Building Code and other applicable laws, ordinance, regulations and standards (LORS), including AISC 341 – Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings and ASCE 7 - Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures; these codes are often not used or are misused in the design of structures and structural components.

This expertise has been recognized by several California Agencies responsible for code enforcement on oil, gas, utility and power projects (e.g., California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, California State Lands Commission, and various Counties throughout the state). Where we do not have a conflict of interest, we often act as the Deputy Chief Building Official (DCBO) for these agencies. In this capacity, we are responsible for conducting plan checks, reviewing calculations for code compliance, performing structural observations, resolving code interpretation issues, etc. For example, we have provided numerous code interpretations to the California Energy Commission relating to the structural design and construction of natural gas fired turbine power plants. In performing these reviews, we have identified numerous common errors made by others, particularly those practicing outside California.  The agencies to which EDM Services provides Deputy Chief Building Official services clearly understand our competence. This has resulted in safer industrial structures and power plants throughout the State. We believe that we have also demonstrated this competence to industrial clients.