Civil Engineering and Design

Civil engineering and design is a major component for most of our multi-disciplined projects. This work most often involves the following deliverables:

  • Civil Specifications,

  • Site and Grading Plans

  • Street Improvement Plans

  • Various Civil Details (e.g., curbs, gutters, fencing and gates, retaining walls, access and equipment stiles, various foundations, light poles, piping and instrumentation supports, vaults, etc.), and

  • Erosion Control Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and Water Pollution Control Drawings.

Our firm not only provides civil engineering services, but is a recognized expert in this field. Specifically, our firm is very knowledgeable of the California Building Codes and other applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards (LORS). This expertise has been recognized by several California Agencies responsible for code enforcement on oil, gas, utility and power projects (e.g, California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, California State Lands Commission, and various Counties throughout the state). Where we do not have a conflict of interest, we often act as the Deputy Chief Building Official for these state agencies. In this capacity, we are responsible for conducting plan checks, reviewing calculations for code compliance, providing code interpretations, etc. For example, we have provided numerous building and industrial code interpretations to the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission relating to the design and construction of natural gas pipeline and natural gas fired combined cycle power plants.

Our firm has completed numerous civil engineering projects directly for utilities and major international oil and gas companies. These projects have ranged in size from a simple grading plan covering a single residential lot to the development of large sites spanning many acres.
In recent years, compliance with the California Construction General Permit for storm water discharges has become a major issue. The firm also employs California licensed Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP) and Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD). These individuals develop Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Water Pollution Control Drawings (WPCD) for projects requiring coverage under the General Permit. This staff also conducts site monitoring as required.