The EDM Services team has extensive onshore and offshore pipeline experience. Many other design firms can provide technically acceptable designs in this specialized field; but few have the expertise to provide both the lowest overall project cost and a high quality project. Our firm can secure permits, enhance constructability, optimize operations, and minimize maintenance requirements. EDM’s principals have designed, permitted, constructed, operated and maintained these facilities. This results in significant initial construction cost savings, and additional operating and maintenance savings throughout the project life. Specifically, EDM can provide the following services for your cross country or urban pipeline project:

  • Routing and feasibility studies:

  • Preliminary engineering and permitting;

  • Final designs including hydraulic analyses, stress analysis, finite element modeling,

  • site plans, piping designs, structural designs, erosion and environmental controls,

  • earthwork and grading, specification writing, etc.;

  • SCADA and leak detection system design, fabrication and installation,

  • Contractor bid walks;

  • Bid evaluation and contract award recommendation;

  • Cathodic protection system design, evaluation, and installation;

  • Structural and civil engineering design support;

  • Construction management/contract administration;

  • Construction oversight.

In addition, EDM can perform the following special services:

  • Pipeline operations efficiency and other studies,

  • Hydrostatic test plans,

  • Emergency response plans,

  • Mapping systems,

  • Leak detection and programmable controllers

  • Operations and Maintenance manuals,

  • Complete supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems,

  • Emergency/Spill Response Plans, and

  • Measurement facility designs.