EDM Services, Inc. provides engineering peer reviews and building official plan check services. Our staff has extensive experience with building and industry code compliance and interpretation.

Peer Review Services
EDM Services helps clients prepare for agency permitting plan check submittals. This is done by performing an in-depth review of construction drawings and calculations prior to submittal to the governing agency. This service shortens the agency plan review process by identifying building and/or industry code deficiencies prior to submittal. As an example, in 2007, the firm performed a peer review for a 54 mile long heated crude oil pipeline for Pipe Line Company. This peer review included the evaluation of designs to comply with the California Building Code as well as the requirements of Federal Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Regulations (49 CFR Part 195) and the therein referenced ASME B31.4. While performing this review, the firm identified a number of design issues that would have potentially cost the client tens of millions of dollars in additional expense.

Plan Check Services
Our agency plan review services began in the early 1990’s when EDM Services, Inc. provided oil and gas industry specific plan review services to the County of Santa Barbara. While assisting the County of Santa Barbara, the firm performed a number of pipeline and oil and gas facility plan reviews.

In 2004, the California Energy Commission (CEC) engaged EDM Services, Inc. through a subcontract with Aspen Environmental Group to perform a number of audits of their Delegate Chief Building Officials (DCBO) performing plan review and inspection services for a number of electrical power plants throughout the State. The intent of this effort was to insure that the actions of their delegates were:

Once the audits were fully underway, it became evident that not all DCBO operations dealt consistently with the project developers on many subjects. Inconsistencies were found in a variety of the assigned DCBO’s duties, ranging from administrative issues to code interpretations. EDM Services was subsequently charged by the CEC to insure that all DCBO’s executed their duties for the CEC in a consistent manner. We had the opportunity to act as mediator for dispute resolution and code interpreter for the CEC. We developed a DCBO Guidance Document that addressed many issues regarding the consistent application of the CBC and local ordinances and regulations. The 20 page summary document dealt with issues such as:

In 2006, EDM Services began working with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), again through a subcontract with Aspen Environmental Group