The EDM Services principals are recognized as experts in the assessment of pipeline risk. EDM has published internationally recognized documents regarding the risks associated with pipeline transportation. The firm has also evaluated the risks associated with other transportation modes, including rail and truck. This work has enabled the EDM Services staff to participate as experts on several pipeline projects. In this role, the staff has:

  • Developed the anticipated frequency of various sized spills for various transportation alternatives

  • Developed the anticipated frequency of injuries and deaths for various transportation alternatives

  • Recommended a variety of measures to reduce the environmental and personal risks of these facilities

  • Interfaced with various agencies to provide system safety expertise

  • Consulted with various operating companies to provide third party assessments of pipeline risks, mitigation measure development, and agency interface

  • Performed specialized studies for the United States Department of Energy, California State Fire Marshal, etc

  • Performed third party design (plan check) and construction reviews of proposed facilities

  • Published several papers regarding pipeline risks, seismic performance of welded pipelines, pipe stresses, etc.