Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Stations

EDM Service, Inc is providing multi-discipline engineering services to support the development of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fueling facility network (approximately 25 stations and counting). 

NGV Stations produce Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG is a low-cost transportation fuel alternative with a fraction of CO emissions compared to the traditional gasoline fueling. The NGV CNG process includes drying, compression, storage and dispensing of high-pressure natural gas (pressures up to 4,500 psi).

The typical NGV Station design includes:

  • Supply Gas Metering,
  • Gas Drying,
  • High Pressure Compression,
  • High Pressure Filtration,
  • High Pressure Storage (multiple 5,000 psi ASME pressure vessels),
  • Distribution Gas Piping systems (carbon steel and stainless-steel),
  • Time Fill Stations (post mounted),
  • Fast Fill Stations (post mounted and dispenser types),
  • Over-Pressure Protective Systems,  
  • Reinforced Concrete Foundations,
  • Structural Steel Supports,
  • Site Development (drainage, grading, fencing, paving, signage),
  • Utility Service Coordination and Connections (electric, water, sewer, stormwater),
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevent Plans (SWPPP),
  • Permitting Services,
  • Three-Phase and Single-Phase Transformers,
  • Motor Control Centers and Power Distribution Enclosures,
  • Electronic Priority Control Panels,
  • Security Video Systems,  
  • Electrical and Control Wiring,  
  • Area Lighting Systems,
  • Grounding Systems,
  • Construction Support, and
  • As-builts and record drawing preparation.

Dedication Ceremony at a Newly Constructed NGV fueling facility, California