Medium BTU Natural Gas Project

EDM Services provided engineering, design, and management services for the Conversion of Service Project in Contra Costa County. This project was conducted in two phases. First, the Natural Gas Pipeline was replaced. Once complete, this allowed the refinery to begin receiving moderate volumes of low-pressure natural. Among other things, the first phase of this project was completed. Phase one included the following:

  • Construction of 740 lineal feet of new 12-inch diameter natural gas line to reconnect the existing natural gas metering facilities at Collier Junction to the existing Northern California Natural Gas Line.
  • Installation of the necessary pressure regulating facilities at Collier Junction to meet USDOT requirements (49 CFR 192).
  • Installation of the electrical and control equipment necessary for to monitor the Collier Junction natural gas facilities from their Houston Control Center.
  • Installation of a motor-operated valve (MOV) at Collier Junction to enable the Houston Control center to be able to isolate the line from the pressure source in the event of an emergency.

Phase two of the project was conducted on a turnkey basis (e.g. design, permitting, procurement, and construction). This project included the conversion of service of the pipeline from liquids, to natural gas service. The conversion of service was conducted in accordance with 49 CFR 192. The project enabled the refinery to receive high-pressure medium BTU natural gas from the central San Joaquin Valley. The affected pipeline segments were entirely within Contra Costa County, including the City of Richmond. EDM Services was responsible for the turn-key design, environmental and technical permitting, procurement, and construction of project. Specifically, this work included the following components:

  • Installation of piping modifications at the A/B Block Valve site to flow gas from StanPac back to San Pablo (Hilltop) Station via the NCGL 10-inch diameter pipeline.
  • Removal of piping at the A/B Block Valve Site to disconnect the system from the two parallel 12-inch diameters A and B lines.
  • Installation of piping and valves to convert the TRPP between San Pablo (Hilltop) and the Richmond Refinery to natural gas service.
  • Installation of piping, valves, and a pig receiver at San Pablo (Hilltop) to reverse the flow of the NCGL between the A/B block valve and San Pablo (Hilltop).
  • Installation of piping, valves, and controls at San Pablo Station to automatically switch the NCGL Refinery supply gas feed from the Union Island Gas Pipeline to the StanPac Pipeline should pressure fall below set points. (The Union Island gas system will be the primary supply source of natural gas.)
  • Installation of a San Pablo (Hilltop) pressure regulation station for the anticipated flows and pressures. These facilities protect downstream piping from potential over-pressure.
  • Installation of metering and quality measurement facilities at San Pablo (Hilltop).