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“The EDM Services team’s mission is to provide the highest quality professional, engineering, permitting, procurement, quality control, and project management services to its private customers, at the lowest overall project cost and in an environmentally conscious manner.”

EDM Services, Inc., a California Corporation, was formed by two pipeliners, T. L. Butch Walls and Brian L. Payne, in 1990. EDM Services provides engineering, design and project management services to industrial, commercial and private customers. The firm provides reasonably priced, high quality engineering services for oil and gas, public works, land development and construction projects. Currently, the firm provides roughly $4,000,000 worth of professional services per year, for annual construction costs of $20,000,000 to $50,000,000.

The principal office is located at 4100 Guardian Street, Suite 250, Simi Valley, California, 93063. From this location, the firm serves its customers located throughout the United States.

Most of the firm’s major customers want to perform their engineering and construction activities in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. To this end, these customers have established long term relationships with EDM Services; engineering, permitting and managing the construction of their facilities. These customers have found that EDM provides services of extremely high quality in all areas, including productivity, overall quality, cost effectiveness, community involvement, government agency relations, operations improvement, job site safety, constructability, and minimum constructed cost, to name a few.

Normally, turn-key solutions are handled by the very large engineering/construction companies. However, many customers have found that the larger firms cannot handle the routine $10,000 to $10,000,000 projects efficiently. The larger firms cannot complete projects within budget and on time, and do not have the specific operating, maintenance, permitting, and construction experience necessary to add significant value to the project. Smaller firms lack the well rounded staff with the real world experience necessary to provide high quality professional services.

EDM also provides expert technical services to various state and local agencies, including design review, risk assessment, and plan check and inspection services to regulatory bodies. The list includes such agencies as the Santa Barbara County, California Department of Fish and Game, United States Department of Energy, California State Fire Marshal, and others. This experience demonstrates the firm’s wide acceptance as an expert in this field, as well as the ability to work well with local agencies.

The EDM Services team is dedicated to job site safety. EDM has provided traffic plans and detailed shoring designs for a variety of customers, including Caltrans, Los Angeles County Flood Control, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and others. The firm has never suffered a lost time incident. In addition, EDM Services has helped a number of customers comply with stringent environmental regulations. It should be noted that our customers have never received a notice of noncompliance, fine, or other form of citation for any of the work completed by EDM Services.

EDM Services, Inc. is certified by the State of California as a small business concern.