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“I have always believed that EDM Services adds value to my projects. EDM Services provides valuable advice to protect interests. EDM Services has also worked on a wide variety of projects and has a work force with diverse experience.” – Pipe Line Company

“EDM Services is a company we at Paulus Engineering depend on for their services and receive excellent response and quality that fits our needs.” -Roger Betten, Paulus Engineering

“EDM Services provide sound engineering from a team of knowledgeable professionals.” Steve Faichney, Valero Energy Corporation

“EDM Services is highly qualified, experienced specialists that provide excellent service and high quality product.” -Jack Giordano, Valero Energy Corporation

“I know the great work and service EDM Services provides. They have always been very customer focused and friendly.” -Pipe Line Company

“Initial thoughts when considering EDM Services for engineering services: very knowledgeable in pipeline engineering, particularly California, good understanding of permit requirements, both environmental and county throughout most of California, very good quality of work, thorough and complete work products.” – Pipe Line Company

“I have experienced excellent consultant performance from EDM Services. I appreciate the efforts of Butch Walls who is always timely when requested to conduct an audit of our chief building officials or provide consultation.” -Roger Johnson, California Energy Commission

“EDM Services has solid engineering capabilities, very strong on California permitting process and the political environment, [and] solid drafting capabilities.” -Pipe Line Company

“EDM Services is a fine, knowledgeable and professional engineering firm” -Joe Pfeifle, Valero Energy Corporation

“Dedicated, trustworthy, thorough, easy to work with” Bob Brinkman, Air Liquide

“I consider EDM Services a high-end provider of pipeline engineering services.” -John Smith, Reed Smith, LLP

“EDM Services strives to make pipeline operation safer through focus on improved leak detection technology.” -Chris Smart, Spec Services

“Very happy with the work done by EDM Services to complete the pipeline maintenance in Cat Canyon. I was very impressed with EDM Services’ reports. Looked good, very comprehensive, accurate, good info, turned in promptly. These were among the best reports I’ve received from subs.” -Randy Siegel, URS Corporation

“Technical competence, responsiveness [and] creativity.” -Pipe Line Company

“The service provided was excellent” “Expertise and reliability” -Pipe Line Company