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Aspen Environmental Group – California Energy Commission Delegate Chief Building Official Oversight

In mid-2004, Aspen Environmental Group engaged EDM Services to perform a number of audits for the California Energy Commission (CEC) Delegate Chief Building Officials (DCBO) performing plan reviews and inspections for a number of power plants being constructed throughout the State. The intent of this effort was to insure that the actions of their delegates were acting in a manner which was:

This consistency would provide an added benefit to any power plant developer within the State, since they would know and understand the plan review and construction inspection process and expectations of the CEC. Over the past twelve months, EDM Services has completed 10 audits of DCBO operations at 10 different power plant projects. These plants have ranged in size from 520 to 1,200 megawatts. These power plants included:

Once the audits were fully underway, it became evident that not all DCBO operations dealt consistently on many subjects. Inconsistencies were found in a variety of the assigned DCBO duties, from administrative issues to code interpretations. EDM Services, Inc. was subsequently asked to help insure that all DCBO’s executed their duties in consistent manor. In some cases, the firm mediated disputes between applicants and other project representatives. The firm also authored Guidance Documents to address a number of issues where problems had arisen. Some of this issues included:

We anticipate renewed power plant design and construction activity in California over the next few years. We look forward to continuing our role and being a part of California’s energy solution.